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  • I would like to make my Word Press site accessible to people by log-in only. People are discussing a lot of things on the site of a very personal nature and would like to make it available to people who are signed up users to the site only. So the idea is that no one can see the site unless they are logged in.

    I am wondering if there is a way to make the login screen appear when someone types in the URL of the site into a browser instead of the site itself coming up?

    This way they can’t access the site without being logged in and if someone wants to sign-up to access the site then they can do it from there as well.

    Then if I set in the options that all new user sign-ups need to be approved it also prevents someone from signing up and being able to log-in and see the site until their new account registration is approved.


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  • From the depths of the WordPress Plugin Repository comes … Registered Only.

    That is brilliant, thanks.

    Now is there a way to make it so that once they log-in they are directed to the main page of the blog rather than the dashboard where they must then click on “View Site” in order to view the blog?

    This is working for me on 2.3.3.
    I’ve been waiting for the author to update it, but I have not had any problems with it. Maybe it will work for you as well.


    Brilliant, that works too!

    Re: Login-Stayput, it has been working great, but the problem though is if a user logs out from the site and then logs back in from the “Successfully logged you out.” page, it then takes them to the dashboard again instead of the site’s front page.

    I was wondering if anyone has come up with a fix, hack, or mod for this plug-in so that the plg-in works for that other log-in page as well the same way it does from the main log-in page?


    I can’t duplicate the symptom. No matter what page I log out from, I get redirected back to that page after I log out. The same applies when I login. I am never taken to the “Successfully logged you out” message, nor can I get it to take me to the dashboard unintentionally. Did you happen to change permalink structure, or do you remember adding any additional plugins before you noticed it?


    …Ahh HAH!! I think I finally do see what you are seeing. This happens to me when I login, click on “site admin”, go to the dashboard and then log out. If I log right back in, I do indeed go back to the dashboard. The problem is, I believe that is just what the plugin is designed to do -redirect you back to the page you were on before you clicked the login link.

    I’ve been no help at all!! Sorry! I’m out of my depth on this one. 🙂


    Thanks Clayton. You have actually been a lot of help. At least i understand now why it is happening. And I think the isolated incident you mentioned is when it happens to me too. All the best…

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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