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  • Resolved Cliff Seal



    I’ve made a few updates to the most recent version to keep it from vomiting ‘undefined index’s all over the place with WP_DEBUG on. Would you entertain a pull request from me? It doesn’t do anything but add issets.

    Also, I’ve added two lines to keep the lightbox from initiating if the window is small (i.e. mobile). I can send you that as well, if interested.


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  • Plugin Author Dan Zappone


    Not that I disbelieve you but I have WP_DEBUG set to true in my dev environment and I’m not seeing any at all. In fact I was concerned that something was wrong and it wasn’t reporting errors so I did var_dump($avariable) and only then did I get an undefined index message.

    Can you give me a line/example so I can take a lookto satisfy my curiosity.

    Also I’d be more than happy to have you pull the code and add issets, but I just want to see what’s going on first.

    As for the mobile feature I’d like to add that as an option for the site owner to decide on but, yes, I’d love the contribution.

    Plugin Author Dan Zappone


    Working on this for the 2.6 release upcoming. I’m reworking the entire mechanism of how data is stored.

    My apologies for not catching them, even though I though had debugging turned on somehow I disabled it later on in the code and was missing all the notices.

    That makes sense! I wasn’t sure if it only showed if you leaved the settings at default or not.

    On the mobile exclusion, all I’ve done is put $lightboxPlusJavaScript .= 'if ( $(window).width() > 480 ) {'.$this->EOL( ); right under the jQuery(document).ready(function($). If you wanted to implement this, you could just add this as another setting where the 480 is a user-defined field.

    Let me know if you’d like a contribution, but I’ll back off if you’re working on an update. Thanks again!

    Plugin Author Dan Zappone


    Thanks, I appreciate it! I may well take you up on the offer.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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