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  • I am after some advice on how i can make money out of my blog site ?
    I have added some ads already 1 from adhitz and the others from go daddy which i haven’t earned anything from yet they were added a week ago. I have looked at google adsense but i need to have at least 70 posts and the website needs to be at least 6 months old. My blog site is only 2 months old.

    What else can i try


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  • I think you are going about it wrong.

    The first question is how can I get more visitors to my site. Then after you achieve that, worry about monetizing. Honestly, I would wait a good year before even putting any ads up unless you can gain a good amount of traffic in a short time which is not common.

    Generally speaking, there is no success formula that works quickly. However, you try can accelerate the monetization ramp up time by creating more buzz.

    The tactics to do that depend on what your site’s niche, goals and objectives, and features are. For being a relatively new site, I would simply create as much content as possible for now. For 99.9% of bloggers, trying to earn money during the first few months is a total waste of time.

    Making money from blog requires Visitors. Visitors search for content. so it’s time to create content rather than looking for ads. good bulk of visitors and great content can provide you google adsense before 6 months.

    There’s a new plug-in for WordPress that might interest the OP.

    Called eXopin, it’s a new approach for monetizing your blog – no ads are necessary. Basically you write high quality blog content, including images, embedded video and all the stuff that makes a blog post fun to read, then eXopin lets you sell it, through your blog and a centralized marketplace.

    It adds a buy button to the blog post for the amount you want to charge for it, collects payment from the buyer and even transfers the content to their blog (placing a canonical redirect from your blog to theirs to pass on the ranking and avoid penalties with Google).

    Yes, I’m involved with the plug-in, but I thought it might be something the OP would want to know about 🙂

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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