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    Something changed (though I can’t see it in the github diffs) recently where before I could have “Make known users anonymous so they’re served supercached static files.” checked even though I am using advanced/expert rules.

    It used to be grayed out and checked, and now it is grayed out and unchecked.

    I don’t know if something with the sanitizing changes made that happen, but I need to be able to check the “Make known users anonymous” so I can completely cache the whole site, and have cloudflare cache the site as well, and then I do anything that requires dynamic code in javascript. It makes the site significantly faster for visitors and for logged-in users because everyone gets the same pages and can be cached at the CDN level.

    I tried getting to that setting with a supercache plugin, but didn’t have any luck. Can you direct me how to set that with a plugin (or hard-coded it in wp-config, I don’t care) or see if you can put the code back to the way it was?


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    Ah, I figured it out. I was trying to use a hook like add_cacheaction(‘cache_admin_page’,…), but it wasn’t triggering in the right place.

    I put:

    $wp_cache_make_known_anon = 1;

    in a file in the supercache_plugins directory and so I’m all set.

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