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  • Is there anyway that I can have it so that anyone visiting the page can edit it without registering? The page is going to be used by family and I want them to be able to update the post.



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  • You really want ANYONE to be able to add posts? Even me, if I wander by? 😉

    How about you have each family member register and bump ’em up to author type level? Then only registered authors can write posts but miscreants, like myself, can’t.

    I understand the risk, but IS there anyway or do they have to register?




    The simplest way I can think of to achieve this would be for you to create one user/password combo. Make it very simple, and let everyone know what it is.

    They wouldnt have to register, you would be doing the initial work. They would have to log in though — that said wordpress stores your cookie long enough that once logged in, IF they didnt clear their cookies after every browser session, they would remain logged in across multiple sessions, and wouldnt have to relogin every time they came back.


    Theres even an inline editor plugin, so they could probably so editing similar to how the wikis are set up, and wouldnt even need to go into the backend.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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