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  • Hi. I have multiple users posting my blog. I need to know how to make all image attachments they upload link to the original image (instead of permalink) by default.

    Linking to original image seems to be the default setting for Administrators but Editors seem to default to permalink as the default link type.

    I need help since many of the posters are not particularly computer savvy.

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  • After 6 months you may not need this anymore but I found the solution: There is a hidden options page in WordPress under http://yoursite/wp-admin/options.php
    On that endless list of undocumented options you can set a value for “image_default_link_type”. You may want to set it to “file” (without the quotes) to link all your images by default to the original image.

    Other options are “” (leaving it blank) and “post”. The latter one links to the permalink. The blank value is said to not link images by default but for me it defaulted to the permalink.

    Thanks to


    Thanks for the info znoob. Not sure if Supermerlion used it, but I appreciate you posting it.

    “image_default_link_type” needs to be set to “none” to make it left blank by default.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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