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  • Hello,

    We were wondering if anyone may have any information/tools/links that will help us with making an ‘iFrame Webpage’ on our Website SEO Friendly and indexed on Google/Bing with all of content links?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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  • If the website is just wrapping the page with content in an iFrame, this is not going to be possible / ideal. Using the wrapped page as the primary page and getting that indexed is the right way.

    Some problems are getting the Title and Description out to the wrapper page, but even if you do that, the content of the pages does not pass through. Also, as you navigate around, the URL on the wrapper will probably stay the same, so you do not get that benefit either.

    Though not the answer you want, I do not expect this is possible or worth the effort.

    Why not bring the wrapped page out of an iFrame?

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