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    Hey there,

    So my second issue in as many days.

    I would like to only show a summary of my posts on the Home page, i ticked that option in settings but it doesn’t work. I tried inserting <!–more–> where i wanted the break and that didn’t work either.

    Can anyone help out here?


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  • Add the content in the excerpt field.

    @victor Tihai: where can I find the “excerpt field”?

    @ evermine77: the setting in [Settings] > [Reading] > [For each article in a feed, show] is only for (RSS) feeds, not for the home page. Inserting the <!–more–> tag in my post works for me, but you have to do it in the [Text] tab of the post editor. In the [Visual] tab of the post editor, there’s a button “Insert More Tag – Alt + Shift + T” (it’s between the “unlink” and “spell checker” buttons). Try that and let me know if it works.

    However, for me, the <!–more–> tag makes the homepage show a summary and a “continue reading tag”. Yay! So far so good!

    The “continue reading tag” link points to the post’s permalink, with an anchor (#more-5). In one of the default themes, this works fine… the anchor somehow gets inserted into the post by the WordPress “magic”. In the Blogolife theme however, when I click the link, the post cannot be found. Even worse, the post’s permalink WITHOUT the anchor doesn’t work either… It seems like the post has vanished.

    I want to fix this WITHOUT using a plugin. So I’d rather change something in the (child) theme’s php files. Anyone out there that knows how to fix this? Note that the BlogoLife theme has a rather complex structure with Backend (be) and Frontend (fe) folders and php files… :S

    PS. I LOVE the Blogolife theme!!!
    PPS. Dang… I wanted to add my website’s URL to show you the problem. However, for the “live” website, I had to undo the excerpt change, so the site works. So I installed the Blogolife theme on another test site of mine… There it seems to WORK!!! So this seems to be an issue with my Blogolife CHILD theme that I have created… 🙁 Still, any tips, tricks and hints where to look will be gratefully received!!
    PPPS. For what it’s worth: the “live” site with child theme where the <!–more–> tag doesn’t work, but where I now removed it is: The test site is:

    VERY interesting… I do not have that box/field with pages, nor with posts!! :S

    Edit the post and take a look at top right part of the page and you will see Screen Options.

    I used the excerpt field to add a summary to the homepage but the summary didn’t appear. is there something I’ve missed doing ?

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