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  • This Classic Editor saved my bacon. I’m only giving it a 3-star rating because it is a consolation prize — something we already had, was capriciously taken away, only to be offered as a plugin (which has not solved all issues from what I gather).

    Edit: I’ve added another star to my rating based on the latest update (1.2) which seems to totally disable GarbageBerg and removes the prompts to use the hated editor. So it is locked in the basement, for now, cooking up goodness knows what conspiracy to unleash on the unwary.

    Gutenberg doesn’t just have teething problems, it’s a virus. A very bad virus; ill-conceived, badly executed and foisted upon the community against all protests. It feels very much like what a rogue government would unleash on a country, against the will of the people.

    If I wanted Wix, I would choose Wix (they sure are advertising hard recently. Smell blood?).

    I chose WordPress a decade ago because I liked the mechanics and the (apparent) ideals of the platform. After Gutenberg, I’m looking for an alternative.

    And I won’t be recommending it (self-hosted or .com) to those who ask my advice.

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    • This topic was modified 11 months, 1 week ago by VeloVet.
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  • I agree. Looks like the corporate greed has set in. Shareholders looking at the market envy other platform’s financial returns and want WordPress to become Wix or Weebly or whatever. The CEO wants his bonus and complies, regardless of what the original supporters of the platform want. The classic editor plugin has already created performance issues for me and is not a satisfactory answer despite a seemingly ever-increasing support period (now 2022).

    The door is now open for another platform. It will take time, but it will come and WordPress may pay the price of ignoring its core supporters.

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