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    Hello UsersWP Team,

    The forced “Updated to use Font Awesome 5 JS version” is disrupting my website, as many icons have changed and spacings are different in some situations, the most troublesome is that some of my website functionalities aren’t working because SVGs are loading where it shouldn’t!

    For example:
    Original: https://image.ibb.co/dkdqFA/typecore-sidebar-ok.jpg
    Now: https://image.ibb.co/dQkFhq/typecore-sidebar-notok.jpg

    Could you please make it load only for UsersWP specifics and not for things unrelated to UsersWP?

    Or else have an option to disable the use Font Awesome 5 JS version?

    Thanking you in advance for considering these requests.


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  • Plugin Author Stiofan


    Hi @bertlio,

    Firstly please read this, its more of an WP+FA thing rather than a UWP issue:


    My advice would be to ask the theme author to read the above article and update their theme to FA5 JS, basically if any other plugin you use uses FA5 JS you will have this problem, its a case of “you can’t beat them, so join them” (unfortunately)…

    We had the same issue from customers complaining UWP was not working because their theme was using FAv5 JS and it was braking our stuff, so we had to make the move also.



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    Thanks for the insights and explanations Stiofan!
    Agreed that it’s better update for future integrations and compatibility!


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