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  • I just don’t get what is the rational for making fields so small. I’ve noticed this with lot of programs. Is it a secret code of programmer ethics that common sense UI design is not at all common. It almost like they do it to spite users. Hey I’m open to a logical explanation.

    So explain these brain dead designs. An this is 2.7 . You mean not one bug tester over all that time brought this up?? Must be too close to product to see it.

    1. edit post :post slug filed is only 113px could be 470
    2.General: blog title and by line too short
    3.quick edit pages title field could be much wider
    I’m sure there is more instances.

    So rule should be make field easy to edit by not arbitrarily making micro if space is clearly available.

    I know this is a little thing, but beauty is in the details.

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