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    I’ve spent more hours searching for this than I want to admit. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    I want users to click on an image on one of my pages and be taken to another website in a new tab or page. Is this possible.

    Many thanks!

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    Edit the post and then image in the Visual editor and enter whatever you’d like to in the “Link URL” field.

    Thanks for the quick response, James. What happens when I do this is that the field takes the new URL and I click Update. Then I click the page update button and check the site live. Instead of linking to the new URL, a new page within my site is opened with everything else stripped out except the nav, header and photo.

    When I return to the visual editor and edit the photo, the URL I just put in has been replaced with the original URL, which looks like this:

    I’ve done this 20 times, always with the same result. I’m beginning to feel like the mouse who keeps pressing the bar long after the food has run out. 🙁


    To open link in new tab there is an advance settings tab next to edit image and there is an option Open link in a new window.By checking that option you can open link in new tab.
    the problem that you are saying actually it must not happen.Try to give some other url like or whatever in link url field and then update and check whether that works or not.

    Thanks for the response, Kapil.

    Currently, clicking the photo link on the live site does pop a new tab and that’s where the photo resides on my very bare page.

    As I understand it, the Advanced Settings tab displays where WordPress goes to retrieve the image (within the WordPress installation—wp-content/uploads/etc).

    Unfortunately, entering different URLs in the “Link URL” field does not help.

    Thanks for trying.

    Two weeks later and I finally figured it out. Dumb luck is a good thing.

    1. From within the visual editor, click on the image and click the Edit icon.
    2. Near the bottom of the resulting window, click NONE for URL. That will make the internal URL disappear.
    3. Back in the visual editor, click the image and then click the LINK icon above and paste in the URL you want to link to. Define target.
    4. Click the Update button.
    5. Go to the live page and refresh, then click the image. It should take you to the desired URL.

    This is screwy and counterintuitive, but it that’s the way it works.



    Thanks so much for this.

    I felt a right idiot not knowing how to do this, it was nice to see someone else struggle.

    Surely this could be a future change for WP but for now thanks for the explanation

    Hallelujah!!! My troubles are over. This was making me crazy. Thank you, DaOne!!!!

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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