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  • WordPress allows the Home Page to be assigned to a ‘Page’, but is there a way to make the Home Page a Category Page?

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  • I’d like to know this as well.

    sort of.

    you can make a page template that looks exactly like your category template, only using the query_posts function to pull posts from your chosen category into play.

    Assign the page template to the page. Set as homepage, and bob’s your mother’s bit on the side.

    I mostly understand that. I want to convert my static site to a software driven/dynamic site and had been playing with Joomla but it seems like a wonky piece of software so far. But the one thing I do like about it is the ability to tag a Post to also be included on the Front Page (home) or not, but it also gets posted in the category you selected.

    So my thinking with WP was to make a static page for my home but I typically have some generic “news” on the home page that really doesn’t fit into my typical categories. But I’ve always just deleted it and written new content for the home page as well as all my other pages.

    So what I’m wanting to build is a mix of static pages to duplicate the pages that I’ve always had that never really change, and Post pages that I’ve currently just deleted the info from and over written, that I really wish now looking back that I had all the content I had written, especially about my kids. But I don’t want every post to appear on my home page which is something I wish WP had as a toggle.

    So now I’m thinking I would like to create a new category called “News” or “Stuff” that would be my home page and what I’ve typically written for my home page would appear there, posts about kids would only appear on their respective pages, and the rest of my site would be Pages with some possible links to categories with posts in the content of the page.

    Clear as mud?

    Actually it looks like I can use the same query_posts function to pull only posts from a certain category for the home page with some type of if home statement so the home will only display “News” instead of every category.

    Or am I missing something?

    you don’t even need the ‘if home’ part usually… make the change to your theme’s index.php, put query posts before the “while” loop in that template, and you’re golden.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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