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  • Hi Everyone,

    So I am using the theme Sport and Grunge (demo of theme here: ) and I am really needing to make the homepage banner be clickable to different posts I am creating. There is an option in the admin panel to make each banner image clickable to a page (Screenshot: ) but that only allows me to link it with a page, not a post. If anyone would be willing to help me with this I would be very grateful and it’s very appreciated!

    Also I found this:

                                <select name="dtbaker_pagecustom_banner_link_<?php echo $x;?>">
                                    <option value="">Nowhere</option>
                                    <?php foreach(get_pages() as $page){ ?>
                                    <option value="<?php echo $page->ID;?>"<?php echo (dtbaker_pm($postID,'dtbaker_pagecustom_banner_link_'.$x) == $page->ID) ? ' selected':'';?>>
                                        <?php echo $page->post_title;?>
                                    <?php } ?>

    I believe this is the option which allows me to select the page to link the image with (as seen in the screenshot), maybe there is something I can change / add to this that would allow not only pages but posts, or even just posts instead.

    Thank you for reading, any help is very appreciated!

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