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  1. dggoldst
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    I'd like to start a second blog that is just a representation of a subset of posts in my primary blog. The second blog will be a kind of newsletter collecting together certain types of posts, e.g.,


    but not all the categories from the main blog.

    The second blog would:
    * Have a different (mostly bare) index page
    * Show only posts in a certain category
    * Group posts by subcategories
    * Have a specific ordering of subcategories
    * Have a specific ordering of posts within the subcategories

    Clearly, using the functionality of myblog.com/?cat=3 isn't enough.

    Is it possible to write a template that will allow me to specify what to display and where and how? Are there any examples of this people can share?

    I can program, but am having troubling finding documentation & examples.


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