• Hey WCFM team,

    We are using the Stripe Split Payment mode in our multivendor WooCommerce store.

    We are stuck with the following case:
    When a customer applies a 100% discount coupon on vendor product, there is no payment that is made and the order total reduces to 0.
    In this case, the admin does not get any commission (we have set the admin commission to be 20% of the vendor). However, in our case we want the admin to get the 20% commission in EVERY CASE – whether or not the institute is getting anything or not.

    For this, if it’s required to charge the money from the customer we can go with that route. So if the admin commission is 20% and the product price is $100. A customer applies a 100% coupon, the customer should still be charged $20 (20% of $100) as the admin needs to get a commission in every purchase.

    Let me know if this is possible to achieve with the plugin.

    Please let me know if you require more details from me.

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