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  • I am new to wordpress and although I understand how to manually write the code to make the menu the way I want, I’m unsure of how to make it inside wordpress.

    I have a site with a sub-set of pages. Basically, a main page called “stores” then a bunch of sub-pages with the names of several stores. Each sub page, or store page needs a small menu with several links on them. I want to be able to make these menus in the WordPress interface rather than manually making them on each page so that they can be updated by someone that doesn’t have a lot of coding knowledge.

    Each link on the menu will do different things. One will take the user to a page viewing posts of a specific category, one to another static page, and at least one to an external site.

    Here is an example:

    I don’t know if this one is “structured” the same way as I have done mine, but it’s the concept, where there are “tabs” in this case for a sub-menu for this page. I don’t want tabs, I just want a simple menu list to appear that I can later design in the CSS.

    If I make a page template in my child theme, is there a way for me to make several menus and be able to choose a menu for each page? Like the Rite Aid page would need the Rite Aid menu. Or do I need a different page template for each store?

    Here is my site:

    Thanks for any help.

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