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  • Is there a way to make a particular post stay at the top of the blog making it a sort of permanent post? In other words, when one goes to the blog, this “sticky” post is the first one they see while the latest posts continue appear just below it.


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  • Um, yes. Try doing a search in the plugins database for the word “sticky”…

    Here, let me save you the effort. Guess what, the one you want is the first thing you find.

    Was that so difficult to do yourself?

    Gee, thanks gfindlay. I guess, next time I’ll be doing it myself.

    Sorry to trouble you with such a stupid question.

    I appreciate being treated like the ‘newbie’ to this forum that I actually am.


    Cool. Glad we’re on the same wavelength… Any chance you can pass this information on to the other person who’s asked THE SAME DAMNED QUESTION!!!?

    There’s a difference between being an innocent newbie and just expecting spoon feeding. Do a little research on your own. Even a google search for “wordpress sticky post plugin” would have given you an answer.

    The difference here, mister sarcasm is that I didn’t expect this function to be a plugin. As a ‘newbie’ I considered plugins to be geared more toward things like gallery viewers and such. It’s all coding I realize, but this particular function seemed as though it could have been something of functionality that I was overlooking in the interface features that existed.

    So, gfindlay, the optimal word here is ‘plugin’. The research I did before coming to this forum didn’t include the tag plugin. I’ll leave it there and let you continue to look down your nose from high above your keyboard and collect frost on your earlobes.

    Actually, the optimal word here is “research”. I just typed in “wordpress sticky post” to Google, note “plugin” not mentioned…and I found loads about it..all pointing to a plugin. But don’t worry…feel free to push whatever excuse you want for your inability to find the simple stuff..

    Sarcasm? Moi? Wouldn’t dream of it.

    And don’t worry about my frosty earlobes…I have a hat 😉

    Please play nice!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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