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    I’m just a bit confused over how the contests work, the settings basicaly let you make a post type, but I don’t see how it’s a contest. Are visitors supposed to vote or click something? how do you play or win?

    I know this is a dumb question but I’m truely stumped.

    I tried to visit the plugin site but got a 404.

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  • maybe some exmples of contests which have been made with the plugin would help orient users like me to what it’s about.

    After going through it it appears to be a sweepstakes style contest, with entries earning points for getting others to enter.
    But I can’t figure out how users enter. There’s a submision field but no heading for it. Is it for an email?, .. do the name fields need to be enabled as the method of entry?



    Hello, thank you for trying this plugin. I agree, it should be made more apparent, especially for people not used to running sweepstakes.

    Please hold tight, we will add some example contests and a step-by-step guide in the near future.

    I totally agree with deepbevel. I’m stumped.

    The example forms help somewhat, but I don’t understand how the contest works, what URL’s to include, or how the links with Facebook or Twitter show up on the contest form. A video or detailed screen shots of a sample contest that all features would be great. I know it takes time to post, …can I send my questions directly to you?

    Much thanks!

    figured it out..
    it’s basically an entry form, just to enter a sweepstakes. Visitors enter by adding their email in that feild. After that, visitors get extra points (you decide how many in settings) for each time they share your link to the form. the plugin tracks it.
    They cans share with the social buttons, or manually copy/paste the link that appears in the field.

    pretty cool!

    Thanks for that deepbevel. I’m still baffled. I fill out my contest information, but still don’t know why the Preview screen leaves out the name and email field. I also tried pasting the contest code into a test page on my site, but nothing appeared.

    Also,What did you put as the URL in the “double opt-in email” box?

    Thanks. I am going to have to rate this 1 star, if I don’t hear back from the developer.

    It works on my page, but it’s not published and untested

    double opt in is a checkbox for email confirmation, not sure why it’s called that

    Plugin Author Webikon


    thank you for the suggestions for sample contest with screenshots/video. We hope to add one as soon as we will be able to.

    For now, if you have questions about specific fields, please try the first version of documentation, that was posted a while ago on the plugin description page.

    Thank you.

    Hi Webikon,

    Thanks for the link! The documentation helps, but I am having a problem with the Contest Rules pop up window. I want to use it, but people won’t be able to read the right side of the window because it falls under my right sidebar. In other words it is on a layer which appears OVER the contest form, but UNDER my theme’s right sidebar. Can this be fixed? Do you have a suggestion other than my changing my wordpress theme’s layout?

    Also, it would be great if we could have the ability to add different copy/text into the Contest Description box for the “after submit” form. That way we can better explain the sharing feature in the “before submit” form without it appearing again in the “after submit form”.


    Sorry to be such a bother, but I have more questions.

    Is there a way to test the contest before it is published? I just wanted to make sure the contest forms (both the “Before Submit” and “After Submit)” appear in the contestant’s email box correctly.

    I tried to do a test by entering a friend’s name and email into the preview form and hitting the Join Now bar.

    Both the opt-in and confirmation emails were sent, but the contest forms did not appear in the email. I’m assuming that’s because the contest has not been published. Am I correct?

    Much thanks.

    Plugin Author Webikon


    you are not a bother at all, this is what the support forums are for.

    Did you solve the sidebar issue? If no, could you link your site where you are using contesthopper?

    Thank you for the suggestions on customizing the before/after submit. We will implement additional customization options in the next version (contesthopper 0.9.5).

    The contest form should not appear in the email.
    Double opt-in email is used if you want users to confirm their participation by clicking the link in the email (generally used for email validation).
    Confirmation email is just to inform the user he successfully joined the contest and (optionally) tell him what comes next.

    If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to post again.

    how to make changes in double op in varification links?
    They are redirecting to the log in page after validated. I want them to go back to contest page and not making visitors to register

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