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  • Is it possible to use WP as a feed reader that can read and display feeds as a category on my site?

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  • btw, the feeds would be coming from another blog.

    You can use a Page certainly, either via a modified template file, or using something like CG-QuickPHP to call a function. To do it as a category, it’d be ‘fake’, using rewrite rules.

    CG-FeedRead is a good way to have a page with feeds. Check out something like as an example of a custom template file showing CG-FeedRead and feed aggregation, but the same can be done with CG-QuickPHP now embedded in a WP Page.


    I just now created a page of feeds using CG-QuickCG-PHP and FeadRead…

    One of the volunteers for WordPress put together an article on how he turned WordPress into a feed reader:

    Might be worth checking out.

    Yeah, CG-FeedRead also has a MultiFeed feature, where you can pass bunch of feeds at once in an array, and it will retrieve and intermix the results by date. Probably good for about a half-dozen feeds at a time at the moment — I need to rewrite the core engine to do the feed retrievals at independent intervals and recreate the intermix on the fly.

    And, it’s better in many ways than reblogging… You don’t store old stuff on your site, it makes for good sidebar lists, it makes for a good single-news-page implementation, it is cached so it is by default pretty darn fast (as opposed to needing to add a caching mechanism on top of WP for a reblogger…), etc.

    On the opposite, it’s not meant to create a site from nothing, which is what rebloggers do. It doesn’t create hundreds of individual posts that search engines will pick up. If you don’t need them, and just want a page of news, CG-FeedRead is for you! 😉


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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