Major wordpress problem.. very strange (2 posts)

  1. rxNessMad
    Posted 6 years ago #


    I am hosted with hostgator.. this is what has happened..

    I was in cpanel, EDITING a file (css). I pressed save on a CSS file (nothing to do with WORDPRESS). I then REFRESHED my browser page. It then loaded the standard bog standard wordpress theme. I was like wtf? I then tried logging into the admin panel and it said I had no permissions and I searched for the error code, someone said the error is because my wp-includes was not chmodded.. I went to cpanel again in my tabs, and wp-includes and wp-content and wp-admin had no chmod set... I was like how did that happen.. I then put them back to 0755 and now wordpress has deleted my old theme... my posts are still there but my theme has gone.. I used the default theme as my theme as I overwrote it...

  2. seoyourblog
    Posted 6 years ago #

    CSS file contains your style information, I don't know which CSS file you edited, but if its something that is present in your theme directory then its not strange you found your blog messed up. Plus I don't understand your second problem, anyways you can always install your theme again and use it.

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