• After the update 3.0 most of the existing theme customizations broke. Then with 3.0.1 some things were fixed but yet plenty of bugs existing. Really a lot of free work to do if you have customer sites.

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    Hey, @sirrahikkala!

    Here I’m to help you. Your setting will be get back on no time. You just need to follow the instructions.

    If you updated your plugin at v3.0.1 then you just need to switch the LoginPress template from Minimalist to Default from Customizer. After that, your changes will be back. No need to do customization.

    Do let me know if it works or not?

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

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    It did not help. We change our plugins to another since our business was taking a hit due this.

    Plugin Author Adnan


    @sirrahikkala Alright. It would be great, If you could share the bugs on any one of your sites.

    We are sending another bugfix release soon.

    @sirrahikkala is just a word of advice to you, so this never happens again. Whenever you are planning to do an update to an important and front-facing WordPress plugin (particularly if there are customers in the mix):

    1-) Don’t immediately update once a new major release of the plugin is out, unless there’s a fixed security issue, in which case exercise caution and follow all the next good practices. Just wait a few days until major bugs are discovered and fixed, then update.

    2-) Always make sure you have created a backup of the current version of the plugin files so you may immediately go back if things go wrong.

    3-) Makes sure to make a backup of your databases if the plugin you are trying to update includes databases.

    4-) Before attempting to change CSS and fix the mess, just try going back to the previous version of the plugin and also look for support from the developers, so you don’t add even more issues to the problem.

    Hope this helps in the future.

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    It was with 3.0.1 which they said in forum to other people that “fixed” the issues even their support asks to do theme change which does not fix. If you are not representing the plugin developers, you should not try to be besserwisser about it. Doing database backups has nothing to do with this issue or rolling back plugins either.

    I also had this problem after the update, but I changed the theme from minimalist to default and it worked for me.

    Good luck !

    @sirrahikkala Wow, just wow. I’m just trying to help you because you are obviously totally clueless. Especially for a system admin as you seem to be. Good luck with your endeavors.

    Oh, for the record this is a free country where I live, so I can say whatever I want as long as it doesn’t break the laws or rules of this site.


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