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    I am utterly technologically inept, and you all can laugh at me behind my back…but only after you give me some help 🙂 I want to convert from a b2 blog to a WordPress blog, and I’ve done something incredibly stupid in the process. I accidentally deleted my b2 installation. I had an old version of WordPress installed in the same directory. I wanted to upgrade WordPress before importing my b2 blogs, so I thought I’d just remove the old installation first and install the latest version of WordPress. In the process of removing the old installation, the whole directory was wiped out.

    I have a backup of the MYSQL database containing my blog posts, comments, etc. Is there a way to import this data to my WordPress installation using only that database, without a b2 installation?

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  • Reinstall b2, make sure it’s reading the db, then import to WP….

    If you’re VERY clever with phpMyAdmin and mySQL, you can probably get the info from the db without a b2 install.

    Try this, it looks like it is for WP 1.2 though so I’m not sure how much joy you will get.

    looks like this tutorial might be what you are looking for.

    I’m not very clever with phpMyAdmin. Right now, I’m going to opt for reinstalling b2 Evolution and importing from there. I’m trying to edit the _config.php file to recognize the old database with all my posts in it, but am having no luck. I think it’s stuck on the DB_Password–I don’t know what that password is. It was hard enough figuring out the DB_Name. It’s so frustrating, because I can see my data right there in the MySQL table, but I can’t make my fresh B2 Evolution installation use that database. I am so out of my league, and all because I made a stupid mistake and deleted the original installation.

    So you can access the database through phpMyAdmin? You should be able to either retrieve the password or input a new one within the db itself.

    Alternatively, have you requested a new password using the “I forgot my password” function? Or did b2 not have that?

    Yeah, I can view the database in phpMyAdmin, but I can’t find the DB password. Where would I look for it in phpMyAdmin?

    Ah. You’re meaning the password from your host when you first installed the database? Have you requested it from the host? I thought you were meaning the admin user password….

    [Edit: I’m not laughing at you, btw. Been there done that, wore out a dozen t-shirts…. it’s NOT fun, and I do empathize.]

    Don’t worry about laughing. I’ll probably feel like laughing, too, if I ever figure this out. Not tonight, though. I’m going to bed, and I’ll pick up this problem again tomorrow, if I get any sleep tonight.

    I’m going to mark this thread as resolved. I contacted my host about the DB_password, and instead they just restored my b2 installation from a backup. I still want to move to WordPress, though. I’ve just got to figure out how to do it! The software my host uses to install scripts, Fantastico, won’t let me install WordPress and b2 in the same directory, which as I understand it is necessary for WordPress to import from b2evo. I’m going to dig around in the forums for help with this, but if a search turns up nothing, I may post a new call for help on this matter.

    I think you can let fantastico install to a different folder, then just move all of wp’s installed files to the b2 folder. However the “real” installation of wp isn’t too difficult….

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