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  • friesiancrazy


    I’ve been having some problems with the Pinboard sidebar. I downloaded the theme recently and tested it out using the Theme Test Drive plugin – but after my sidebar issues went unresolved I installed it flat out and still am experiencing the same problems.

    Foremost – The sidebar, in any chosen layout type, does not display any of my widgets. I’ve tested by putting widgets in each of the available slots – nothing is visible in any test I’ve run (I do use a custom sidebar widget plugin… I’m not sure if that could affect it)

    Secondary – When choosing the layout, the default choice (content/sidebar) does not display correctly – instead just showing a fixed width content with no sidebar.

    Great looking layout, just wondering why the sidebar won’t work for me at all. I’m viewing in the latest version of Chrome on a MacBook.

    Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

    Website is: But I’m keeping to my old theme until I can troubleshoot this.

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  • hamz


    Anyway, I just had this problem (link to the thread i posted) a few days ago and someone helped me and IT RESOLVED!
    The guy who helped me gave me this link:
    Pinboard theme right sidebar issue
    (this thread problem is much complicated than mine as her widget need some custom CSS to be able to match the width of the sidebar top)
    Well, the gist of the solution is that:
    no widgets in the sidebar left and right
    – put your widgets in the sidebar top
    – so far (the one i tested), sidebar top appear in the default and blog template pretty well, just like how the content/sidebar should be.
    I hope this helps.



    Thanks for the reply hamz – unfortunately putting widgets only in sidebar top and removing them from sidebar right/left hasn’t changed the result.

    I did read these threads earlier, but I think my issue is slightly different. In the content/sidebar setting there is no sidebar at all – it appears the same as when you choose the ‘no sidebars’ layout option.

    Choosing sidebar/content (left sidebar) or either of the content half options, the sidebar space is visible in the correct place, but none of my widgets will show up – whether I place them only in ‘sidebar top’ or any other slot.

    Since I haven’t seen anyone else on the forums run into this problem, I’m wondering if it is an incompatibility with one of my plugins? I may have to test that next.

    Anyway – thanks very much for your help hamz!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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