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    If you haven’t upgraded to v3.9 yet, DON’T DO IT! There are major deficiencies with the image editing capabilities of v3.9 versus previous versions. WP 3.9 is a significant downgrade in these capabilities. Why the developers did this, I can’t imagine; however, every topic started about this subject gets changed to [resolved] almost immediately when nothing has been resolved. WP 3.9 will significantly increase your web development times and your frustration level! These are the main UNRESOLVED issues as I see them:

    1. There doesn’t seem to be a way to get text to appear over an image when the mouse cursor is hovered over it. Adding alt text or a description to the image when it is selected in the “Add Media” dialog box doesn’t result in anything; neither does adding alt text within the “Image Details” dialog box when that is opened within the Visual Editor (by clicking on the pencil icon on a selected image).

    2. The size of an image isn’t displayed when resizing it in the visual editor. This used to be present in previous versions and it was a quick aid in adjusting image size.

    3. There are no convenient ways of adding padding, margins, or a border to an image except by doing my own coding.

    4. Manually adding padding, margins, or a border to an image using the text editor tab is extremely frustrating, because on pages or posts with a lot of images you have to painstakingly search for every image entry, because every time you switch to the text tab the page refocuses at the beginning of the page.

    5. Clicking on “Edit Original” in the image editing dialog box only gives you a subset of the features within the true image editing dialog within the Media section.

    6. You can no longer increase or decrease the size of an image by a percentage as in the previous version’s image editing dialog box.

    What can you do in v3.9 you might ask? Only a very small subset of what was possible before and almost nothing of any consequence. No matter how much the developers tout the “new and improved” image editing features of the latest version, the fact is that it is a crippled package with significantly lowered value to users!

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  • +1000 here

    Image editing is now a nightmare and all posts daring to make that statement are systematically muted as this criticism was immediately labeled as coming from a “minority”.

    Why not suppress bold and italics from text editor in next version? Only a minority is using them and a plugin would easily do the job for those who still need that sort of old fashioned text styling.

    I have now successfully migrated back to WP 3.8.3 and everything is working again! Thank God for backups! I wouldn’t recommend upgrading WP to v3.9 until these issues are TRULY resolved.

    The new image editing feature is NOT an improvement! It has totally dumbed down the ability to add borders and spacing. I hope the WordPress people are listening!! I want to go back to 3.8!!

    same problem ” The size of an image isn’t displayed when resizing it in the visual editor. This used to be present in previous versions and it was a quick aid in adjusting image size.”


    Started a new site on Friday … the script installer installed 3.9

    I found all the image mods/edits missing too. I’ve looked a a few threads here about that and other missing stuff … and the response seems to be ‘use a plugin’. On one thread one of the developers didn’t even know the image padding/borders was part of the core! Beggers belief.

    Please can we have this back in the core.

    Developers, please listen to your users.


    This 2.9 is a disgrace. These developers are just putting out serial upgrades and riskign creating many probles to users.

    I cannot:

    1. Add a simple border to an image

    2. Select the image size after loding it


    does anyone of you know how to ajust text size? The text size adjustement option is gone. NO code please. I am not a programmer. Just a user. I am looking for a more robust media to make blogs. Does anyone know of one?

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    Issues 1 & 2 we have a trac ticket for:

    Issue 3 is a TinyMCE change (NOT WordPress, I know it’s a weird distinction) and you’ll need to find a plugin to allow you to on-the-fly change that :/

    We mark posts that have trac tickets as resolved for sanity. It lets mods and volunteers know we don’t have to jump in and find an issue. You should follow the discussion on trac. You can click the ‘Watch’ button on the trac ticket (it’s near the bottom) to get email alerts. If you need to log in, it’s the same ID/password as you use for the forums.

    I hope 3.9 is fix soon! Thinking of going to an alternative, I’ve been using WP for years between WP problems and hackers, maybe it’s time for a change.


    Thanks for the response. It appears that WP has linked its success to a program (TinyMCE) that now has dramatically reduced functionality. I realize that the authors of the program say it has been enhanced, but to we who just want to get work done, it is a significant step in the wrong direction. Even on the TinyMCE web site in their FAQs section, they admit that the image editing options have been removed, and they recommend that you “use the Style Formats option instead, which is much more powerful”. What they mean is that the user is left to code in their own CSS for each image, for which they provide an example of setting margins. This is incredible! It is like the next version of Microsoft Word having coding options for simple text formatting, such as bold or italics. Users don’t want to code or learn programing; they just need to get work done. I run two sites with lots of graphics and each image has CSS tweaks to get the formats just right. If I have to code each image to do what I used to be able to do just by filling in a dialog box, WP has failed me in the most basic way possible.

    TinyMCE has made a huge error in not taking into consideration its customers before removing ease-of-use options. The overwhelming majority of their customers are not advanced web site coders; they are people putting content on the web as efficiently as possible using WordPress. We users want better ways of doing web page design, not more difficult ways. WP developers need to carefully listen and solve this issue quickly, even if the problem comes from a program WP doesn’t control but has unfortunately hitched their wagon to.

    Mika: thanks for opening this trac ticket; I think we are more than a minority to hope something will happen to correct this.

    rick111 & all:
    point 1&2: while waiting for a solution, I found this plugin to be more interesting than the other one that was mentioned before (Advanced Image Styles) as it also offers shadows:

    point 3: I installed this excellent plugin: and I indeed have text size options without problem. I think this have been made clear that those that were using Ultimate TinyMCE can’t do so anymore and have to find another solution for extending text editor. The above plugin is one of those solutions and does the job nicely.

    well I hope I’m not the only one BUT I really don’t want to install plugins so I be able to edit my images in posts/pages…

    would be great if WP people ad back the image editing functionalists as they where!

    more and more bugs keep on pouring in this new 3.9 luckily I was testing it on my localhost…

    Jeff Chandler, has a great write up on this issue here:

    It’s a very helpful dialogue regarding image editing within WP.

    I hope 3.9 is fix soon! Thinking of going to an alternative, I’ve been using WP for years between WP problems and hackers, maybe it’s time for a change.

    The same for me. I am currently spending more time in troobleshooting problems than in working on improving my websites.

    If you require assistance then, as per the Forum Welcome, please post your own topic instead of tagging onto someone else’s topic.

    This topic has been resolved.

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