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    I’m having some major issues when it comes to actually writing a post. It happens the most when I cut and paste text over from a word document or an e-mail and in every post I’ve made so far I’ve included pictures. Here are some of the issues…

    …the paragraph spacing is either not there or there is way to much spacing.

    …the font underneath or right beside a photo is different than the font in the rest of the article

    …after inserting a photo the text jumps almost 10-15 lines below the photo and no matter how many times I place it underneath every time I preview or publish the post it always jumps

    This is getting really annoying but I’m assuming it’s because of something I’m doing. Any help would be MUCH appreciated.

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  • Moderator kmessinger


    You cannot cut and paste from Word. It introduces conflicting code. You can try the paste from word button in the WP editor or publish from word option but most end up saving the document in notepad so it is converted to just text.


    I’ve been cutting and pasting from notepad and it works MUCH better. Whew.

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    If you really want to use Word, use the latest version (Word 2007?) which has a built-in publish-to-blog type functionality. This stuff works perfectly well with WordPress using either AtomPP or XML-RPC methods.

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