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  • For some reason, my blog will not display correctly in certain browsers and in certain screen resolutions. It’s really odd, but I was using an Apple on campus the other day, and my page does not show correctly on Safari. It only shows one of the panels. My website is a 3 panel site. But in a lot of browsers, etc. only one panel is shown. Anyone know how I can fix this?

    Here’s the URL to my site:

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  • You have so many problems I don’t think anyone would know where to begin.

    Well are those problems related to the problem I’m talking about? I’ve looked up several popular blogs I got to and they all have WAY more errors than I do according to that Validator thing. However, their pages seem to appear correctly in all Internet browsers.

    “However, their pages seem to appear correctly in all Internet browsers.”

    Really? Have you tested the sample you’re talking about in all browsers?

    The advice “samboll” gave you is sound. Making sure your XHMTL is valid is always the starting point in ensuring your site can be viewed as intended.




    Failed validation, 199 errors

    Yes vote on the above advice. thats where you need to start. Thats nothing short of a mess. Kinda like one of those old tripod sites.

    But I’m not understanding what I need to do. If I change all the errors listed on that Validator, I will be left with basically a blank page. I mean it’s saying that certain characters in certain URLs are causing errors, but I definitely can’t change a site’s URL.

    What I’m wanting to do is get the full page to show on the Safari browser. It only displays one panel. The site works fine in IE and Firefox.

    As with the other blogs I was talking about, one has 772 errors, but shows fine in IE, Firefox, and Safari. Some others have around 140 errors and are displayed correctly in those browsers as well.

    Do you think it has something to do with the way my style.css file is written? I downloaded this theme here at the wordpress site, but made some changes to it to the best of my ability.

    It looks like you’ve got a fair bit of work ahead of you. If you’re finding it overwhelming, why don’t you contact the theme author? Perhaps they can help. Otherwise, try the Sitepoint Marketplace and see if somebody there can help.

    If I were you, I would try viewing it in Safari again, but clear the cache this time.

    I just tried looking at it, and it displayed as it did in Firefox. The third column took longer to load than the others, but it did load after about ten seconds.

    ^^^ Okay, that’s good to hear. And I will take your advice as well pizdin_dim. Thank you all for your help. I really do appreciate it!

    I did some editing guys, and it says that I only have 36 errors now! A lot better than 199.

    You may find this site worth reading re: CSS not so sure about Apple though.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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