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    Hey there. So, I just found out that when you change your permalink settings for the posts, it also effects the permalink on this which is not a good thing. Here’s the breakdown.

    When permalink are set as follows: /%postname%/
    – Post name = /post-name/
    – Listing = /property/post-name/

    When permalink are set as follows: /blog/%postname%/
    – Post nae = /blog/post-name/ (expected)
    – Listing = /blog/property/post-name/ (not expected)

    As you can see, anything in slug settings for posts is being inserted into this CPT. That is VERY a-typical and should not happen. Think of a WooCommerce user changing their post slug rules and effecting every product link in their site!!

    Please, please make an update to fix this. For SEO, I want to use the /blog/%postname%/ for my slug, but I can’t until this is fixed!

    Please update me when you can.


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    Hi Micha,

    Sorry for a delay with the reply!
    As a temporary solution, you can add some lines as it is displayed on following screenshot >> http://joxi.ru/RmzYWpPcYg3RXr
    Or contact us and we will do that for you.
    We will also include the same fix in the coming update!


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    I appreciate the patch, but can you please just make that change and update your plugin? If so, when can you do it?

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    Hey there… has this patch been applied to the plugin yet?

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