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  • I’ve noticed a lot of problems cropping up with the plugin especially relating to template_tags. This is partly because of how coauthors are stored. Long story short, each post has one main author associated with it, with other coauthors stored in custom fields. This isn’t really the best approach to storing them.

    As such, I will be re-architecting the entire plugin to take a slightly different approach on how authors are stored. As well, I will ensure that the new version will be localization-friendly; the current one is not. And I will do my best to allow for a graceful upgrade path.

    Depending on how much other life constraints get in the way, I will be releasing this in the next few weeks.

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  • Version 2.0 was just released to the plugin directory.



    Great plugin, was exactly what I was looking for.



    I tried to install Co-Authors Plus 2.1.1 in WP 2.7.1 but could not because I got this error message:
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_set_post_terms() in /[path-to-wordpress]/wp-content/plugins/co-authors-plus/co-authors.php on line 282
    Any ideas?

    Edit: I saw that the function wp_set_post_term() is @since 2.8.0, so probably this is the problem here. It would be really great of you can make it compatible with WP 2.7!

    Hey batmoo, just curious about your re-architecture in v2.0: how do you take advantage of taxonomies in and display all the authors on the edit.php page since there is no filter in core for that page.

    I made two changes to make coauthors plus work for ‘pages’ as well as ‘posts’…

    In ‘add_coauthor_cap’ modify the first if statement to read:
    if(in_array(‘edit_page’,$args) || in_array(‘edit_post’, $args) || in_array(‘edit_others_posts’, $args) || in_array(‘edit_others_pages’, $args))

    Next since ‘current_user_can’ does not send a post_id add the following after the line “$post_id = $args[2]” to ensure you have a post id when appropriate.

    if (!isset($post_id)) {
    // current_user_can does not pass a post_id
    // but it is within the referer

    Perhaps a kludgy way to do this but it does work with 2.9.2.


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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