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  • Hello,

    I recently updated LeagueManager from a stable version to the latest version 4.1.1 and have found there are a few major issues which seem to be database related?

    1. I created a new league and I am not able to add any seasons which makes it impossible to make a schedule as you need to make a season and add the number of “match day’s” in order to make a schedule.

    I am able to add season’s to my older leagues but not any new leagues I have created.

    2. Standings do not calculate properly unless you hit update on the result’s page a few times. If you only hit it once it will not be sorted by points for some reason.

    3. Any changes on the league settings need to be changed multiple times before they are actually saved. ie. you have to select “3 point rule” and click update a few times before it is changed.

    4. After you do get the scores and rankings updated in the back end it is not updated on the webpage it is posted on. You have to manually go in and hit “edit page” and then update that page in order for the standings to be updated on the webpage itself.

    These are pretty major bug’s for an update especially number 1 as I am unable to use the plugin at all.

    Are the developers actually on the site at all as the plugin is great but these new problems make it unusable.

    I would pay for proper support of this plugin.

    Thank you,

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    Hello all,

    I had my web developer look into this issue and he found a fix for this my question 1. Can not add a new season after creating a new league.

    I got his permission to post the fix as I know others have posted issues with it as well.

    We haven’t had time to look at the other issues so we are reverting back to an older more stable version of the plugin for now. It is rather unfortunate as the new version looks a lot nicer and I would like to use it someday.

    The fix for the season’s not working correctly is below.

    “The problem was the “seasons” was supposed to be an array but the plugin author made new ones be a “string”. I just force it to be an array.”

    In this file:

    I added this code:

    if (is_string($league->seasons) && trim($league->seasons) === ”) {
    $league->seasons = array();


    $league->seasons[$season] = array( ‘name’ => $season, ‘num_match_days’ => $num_match_days );

    in function:

    function saveSeason( $season, $num_match_days, $add_teams = false, $key = false )

    If you know what this means you can fix it yourself as well.

    It would be nice to hear form the developers on the rest of the issues.


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