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  • prada2000


    Let me try and explain this. My hosting company switched my WordPress blog ( to a new server. When they did this, apparently this was on homepage:

    It doesn’t look like you’ve installed WP yet. Try running install.php.

    Because this was live, someone, went ahead and when through the process and installed WP. In the RSS feed it shows a username for the welcome post of someone who is not a contributor to my blog.

    I cannot log in to WordPress, and none of my contributors logins work anymore. All the data is still on the server, but I can’t figure out how to access my WordPress installation now. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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  • parisgv


    all you have to do is to modify your config.php file
    change the username and the password and login as the new admin.

    im not sure if this is 100% correct, but i know that config.php is for the admin



    What parisgv says – that’s wrong.

    However, if that mysterious person clicked on the install link AND the WP installation (namely the config file) was pointed to the exsting database… that wiped out everything: all your blog.
    Unless you have a backup of the database – probably everything is gone. Sorry.

    I would like to bring up this topic again. My blog is gone! due to the same reason, I switched servers.Luckily I read this and took my blog directory off the server so no one could create a log in.
    However, I am left with the situation of wanting my blog back. I still have the database on the old server (for now), however, when I try to make a back up via Export, it gives me corrupt files with no data. I am at a loss and can’t think of a solution except to start all over again 🙁

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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