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    Old Dude Says Make Life Easier:
    Current Situation Add Event
    1. Fill in the basics
    2. Add a location
    a Type the location name into the name box and hope the search function will find a match in the location table. If you are lucky a match will be found. If you are not no location will be found even if you know it is in the location table. Reason why > The name must be spelled exactly like in the location table to get a match.

    0. Stop inputting locations into the location table from here. Make the user do it right by using the Add Location form so they can look at the locations before inputting one that has this kind of error State Colorado on same location 1 and State CO on same location 1 which makes two separate locations in the table to choose from when linking up the add event to the location.
    1. Input the basics
    2. Add a Location
    Either click a link or click in the location name box to activate viewing the locations table.
    Find your location
    Check the Select me box
    The programming slams the information for all the required input on the location part of the add event form into the correct boxes
    3. Save Draft or Publish
    4. DONE Easy Peasy

    At least with my method, you don’t have to type anything and endure mind numbing trials to get the location linked into the event. So when you do a page of events by location all the events are in the correct location.

    Old Dude requests that you at least think about this approach.
    Old Dude started working computers when a DEC 1170 or IBM 370 main frame were state of the art and programming was done with punch cards. Been doing user interface improvement a long time.

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  • Disagreeing.

    tonight as I was trying to hook an event to a location, I made 3 mispellings resulting in 3 wrong locations being setup in the locations table. So do you think it is good to have 3 incorrect locations in the locations table to make mistakes and inaccuracies when trying to hook up an event to the correct location.

    Set up location once correctly and then be able to only find one correct location from the location section of the add events form.

    Unless there is some setting to turn off setting up locations from the add event form which would force setting up locations only from the add location form. If there is I have not found it so far.

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    At least with your method you will be saving duplicate content numerous times. Also, how will you able to find existing locations is there is not a central point (table) to search it? Because you want to save all location info per event each time.

    Also, you are apparently not using the other options the Locations Table offers, such as location image, content, attributes, etc. Because they all are/need to be saved with the location ID.

    The Ajax Search returns locations containing your search term. So “exactly” and “if you’re lucky” is simply incorrect.

    If your users learn to search correctly, location will be found and there will be no duplicate entries with CO or Colorado.

    Once the location was input from the add location form, finding the location from the add event form would be thus
    1 click a link on the add event form name box to open up the locations page,
    2. find the correct location on the locations page
    3. select the correct location
    4. when selected, programming would then take all the information required on the add event page location area from the locations page and add it to the correct area on the add event page preventing any typos and setting up duplicate locations.

    I am the only user right now and even if I copy the name from the locations page and paste it into the name box on the add event page, it will not find it and hook up.

    To prevent users from creating new location, simply use the location dropdown in the settings. Simple. That saves you the first 3 steps.

    And yes I am inputting all the required information on the add location form.

    If you have a location name “The Eiffel Tower” the ajax search will return it, even if you search by “tow”

    On the events manager free add event form there is no drop down on the location name only a text input and typing to input the name. Maybe you are talking about the pro version?

    please make a video and show me what you are talking about on the drop down. My install does not have those

    Your ref to drop down caused me to go back thru the EM settings panel. I found where to enable it in the General Settings.

    Thanks for the mention.

    Using EM with the drop down location enabled is sooo much easier than with it disabled. Enabled does force you to input a location from the add location screen if you want a location on an event. And this way it stops duplicate locations being formed by bad spelling etc if the drop down is not enabled.

    Be nice to have message warning on the add event form in the location name box that using the form without the drop down enabled can result in duplicate incorrect locations being input to the location table.

    I still think my idea has some merit but changed to enable the drop down from the location settings page or from the location area of the event form.

    Old Dude thanks you for your patience in this thread.


    Thank you for your patience and detailed support …even when people criticize, rather than kindly ask for help. I’ve learned a lot from reading your answers to others!


    First option for me was: Events > Settings > User Capabilities > set that only “admins” do anything with “locations”. I also set that others can only “read locations”. I’ve found that “authors” need to have a lot of permissions too, but if you want to control the quality of the location choices …lock it down in these EM setting options.


    Good advice. My client has let the club memebers front end submit trips and edit locations before and mostly they have done ok.

    I don’t have any problems with the submit events but I think your idea on locations will likely be implemented.

    Also I am working on testing your Open Maps plugin with this site.

    Your drop down really helped me a lot. Soo much easier to add events with it enabled.

    Thanks again

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