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  • Hi there,

    Thanks for reporting this, our developer will be along shortly to respond to this.


    It looks like you are using a CDN, maybe the one with Jetpack. I highly doubt those are compatible with smushit plugin.

    OK, yeah, I’ve got Photon activated and didn’t even know it.

    So if I deactivate Photon and run the bulk image optimizer again should that fix my pics?

    I really just want to get my photos back to a reasonable size. It won’t even let me adjust the size in the editor — I’d like to avoid having to replace each gigantic photo on my site. That would take hours.

    Thanks for your help.


    So if I deactivate Photon and run the bulk image optimizer again should that fix my pics?

    Not really. As stated in the previous reply the image(s) you are using on that post are linked to the URL starting with while your site is

    The plugin does not have the ability to update images on a CDN (Content Delivery Network). I’m not sure how your image became skewed.

    The plugin really does not resize the dimensions of the image in the way you are seeing. The service really just removes extra information from the image to make the overall disk size smaller.

    When I view your post I’m seeing the img and noting the widget and height of the image (see actual image HTML below). Again the plugin does not update the post content. Only the image on the server.

    <img class=”size-thumbnail wp-image-1153 alignright” width=”1847″ height=”1764″ src=”″ alt=”swiss army”>

    To fix the issue you are having you can try editing the post and re-insert the image.

    OK, but this isn’t the only post that’s having the problem. Just about every second page messed after after I used your plugin.

    Here’s another example:

    Also, when I try to adjust the image size it doesn’t actually make the change. Here’s the actual height of the image you’re referring to above:

    <img class=”size-thumbnail wp-image-1153 alignright” alt=”swiss army” src=”×143.jpg” width=”150″ height=”143″ />

    Having to re-insert every photo will take hours. There’s no way to fix this?


    Again the plugin does not update the post content. Nor does the plugin change the actual dimensions of the image. It just removes some of the meta information from the image to reduce the size on disk.

    you can find out more about the service on the Yahoo! FAQ

    Well, I guess it’s just a coincidence that immediately after running the bulk image feature for your plugin I started having problems with my images.



    WPMU DEV Support Staff


    If you disabled WP do the images change?

    The src suggests that they are just big images and the size isn’t being restricted.

    Yep, I disabled it. Still no luck.

    What’s really interesting is that I downloaded one of the photos that got screwed up from my media library (it was a big one to start with), reduced the size with GIMP and then uploaded it again to my page. It still displayed huge – same problem as before.

    So then I downloaded the original photo from my external harddrive (so this file never went through Smush It) and loaded it again. Displays fine. No problem.

    Any solution to this problem? All my images that are already optimized with Smush It appears gigantic on the blogpost. There is absolutely no way to change it. I’ve deactivated Photon and images now looked OK. However I would still want to use Photon.
    After I deactivated Smush It, images doesn’t revert back. There is also no way to reinsert image to post unless I delete from library and reupload. That requires so much work!!

    Appreciate if the developer can come up with a solution.

    Major image re-sizing boo-boo!!

    Please see example:
    All okay a few days ago.

    Fine in edit mode, but as soon as you view (or post) the image enlarges and the sixe and shape cannot be controlled through WordPress.

    Some previous posts had the same problem (some I resolved) and some I
    couldn’t change. Some posts are 100% correct.

    What is interesting is that of late there is a long ‘block of text code’
    that flashes in the top left hand corner of a post while updating or
    altering the page.


    PS. For the last few months, certain images just don’t show – need to re-name, re-insert and re-post then they are fine!

    PS. Don’t use or Photon!

    @dustinjw, @streetlove, @gosouthonline,

    Then maybe the issue is with Photon. As stated in this thread and others the plugin simple calls the Yahoo! API to have the service strip out unneeded meta data from the physical image. This in effect reduced the physical size of the image so it does not take up as mush space on your hosting server. Quite simply the original image is replace with the exact same name as the reduced size image.

    Also, as stated the plugin does not in any way update the HTML image within any of your post content. As stated in one of the replies to @dustinjw, the HTML markup in the post content contains the width and height attribute which in effect control the size of the image shown. See below for the same example

    <img class=”size-thumbnail wp-image-1153 alignright” width=”1847″ height=”1764″ src=”″ alt=”swiss army”>

    @gosouthonline, On the URL you provided I see the very tall image. Again like the above if you check the post content you will see the height is set as “2484” and the width is set as “1771” (see below for actual markup). Again the plugin does not know how to update post content HTML images.

    <img class=”size-medium wp-image-67165″ width=”2484″ height=”1771″ src=”″ alt=”A group of amblers snapped next to the thick-walled Kruythuis.” style=”font-size: 13px;”>

    Furthermore as stated in other parts of this thread the plugin will only attempt to modify images on the same physical server. Look at the image SRC “” note that it is NOT on your server which is

    So again I suspect this is something with Photon and not the plugin.

    @dustinjw, @streetlove, @gosouthonline,

    This might help explain what is going on. From the WordPress Jetpack Photon support page.

    Under the section ‘How Photon Works’ it states “Photon filters content but doesn’t change the info in the database.”

    This explains why when you view the post within wp-admin and check the image you see something normal. But if you check the front-end HTML

    Also, in the next section “Questions & Answers” the first question:

    How does Photon determine which dimensions to serve?
    Photon looks at the img tag width and height attributes and then serves an image resized to those dimensions or to the width of the containing element (whichever is smaller).

    So in the example URLs you have all provided I noted the width and height attribute size of your image. Seems Photo is looking at that and serving the size from its own servers the meet that dimension.

    Unfortunately, simple disabling Photo and/or Jetpack will not solve your issue since you still have the wrong width/height dimensions as part of the image HTML in your posts.

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