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  • For the past two weeks, I’ve been having major formatting issues with WordPress 2.3.1. Every time I edit an existing post, all my break tags, center and left tags disappear. It takes two or three edits to get it back to normal. This is happening on four different computers, and three different sites, so it’s not specific to one installation. My guess is it’s 2.3.1 because I have another WordPress installation at 2.1.3 and it’s working fine.

    It’s getting really frustrating! Anyone have any similar problems? I’d rather not revert back to a previous installation if I don’t have to.

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  • Oh, and I work in both Firefox and Safari.

    I have exactly the same problem in 2.3.2. Now I upgraded to 2.3.3 and the problem is still there (I tried it with all my plugins deactivated, so it cannot be because of the plugins).

    I copy the formatted text from Word to the Editor and it is displayed fine, but after click on “save” it deletes all paragraphs…

    I am getting frustrated too – does anyone know how to deal with this?

    Thank you!!


    Same problem here. Also Safari and Firefox. WordPress 2.3.3

    I have been turning the visual editor on and off to work around the problem, but it’s a real pain.

    The Visual editors does a terrible job with imported text, because it re-encodes it for UTF-8 before writing it to the database. This step often breaks coded entries, especially if you have a missing tag or a leading space or some other issue.

    Hopefully the update of 2.5 will fix this rather major annoyance.

    I see – so what exactly is your workaround solution?

    Bandersen, you mention turning the visual editor off, but how do you do the formatting then? Do you manually enter all the HMTL stuff in the code editor?

    Still the same problem – anyone with an idea on how to deal with it?

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    I copy the formatted text from Word to the Editor and it is displayed fine, but after click on “save” it deletes all paragraphs.

    It is best not to use Word for your editor. It has been the experience of most that Word will introduce html errors. Try notepad.

    For your <p>xxxxxx</p> problem with text try this <p=align “right”>xxxxxx</p>.

    WordPress controls the distance between paragraphs with the style sheet but in lieu of that the above may help.

    Only way I ever fixed it was by turning the visual editor off completely. (done on a per-user basis in the “users” tab)

    I am not a 2.3+ user (still using 2.2 or less on my sites), so I can’t guarantee this will work, but you might consider installing a different version of the editor.

    There are a several different plugins that can do this, but I’ve been very happy with Tiny MCE Advanced.

    It has a lot more functions you can include as part of the editor, and the toolbars are configurable, so you can choose to display only those functionas that are useful to you, and even arrange their order on the toolbar.

    A very useful function is the “Paste from Word” button, which opens a window that you can dump text from MS Word into, which is then cleaned up before it reaches the editor window.

    So you don’t probably don’t have to abandon using a visual editor. (I know some people prefer to write their text in HTML, but to me, that’s a royal pain. I only use code view for certain things that I want to make sure are coded correctly. The rest of the time, I just want to be able to write.)

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