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    Hello everyone,

    I just recently upgraded to WordPress 3.9.2 (from 3.8), and a feature that I use extensively seems to have moved or is missing completely.

    I host all of my site images in separate directories, not in the WordPress libraries, so I typically use a image-from-URL to insert images into a site post. In WordPress 3.8 and earlier, I could do the procedure:

    1. Change the first image to a formatting I like; say the directory is pics/foo1.jpg

    2. Copy and paste the first image, then change its source URL to another image, such as pics/foo2.jpg. This makes writing posts faster for me.

    3. Also change the width property of the image on the fly. I often intersperse screenshots (wide) with camera photos (narrower aspect ratio), so I’d punch in the same width as my photos. For example, a 1080px wide screenshot I’d enter ‘640’ in the width box because that’s what my photo thumbnails end up as.

    I can no longer do any of those in WP 3.9.2. When I copy and paste an image, I can’t change its source url without popping into HTML editing mode, which seems off. I can also not modify its width in the editor box that pops up.

    This seems like a very common feature, so I hope it didn’t just disappear. What are its equivalents in 3.9.2?

    For now, I added a CSS hack that still makes my page appear the way I want it, but the view from the editor is of course very messed up. I just added a max-width property to every instance of img.

    #content p img{border:none;margin:10px 10px 10px 10px; max-width: 640px;}
    #content p a img{border:none;margin:10px 10px 10px 10px; max-width: 640px;}

    Some help or explanation would be appreciated. I’m sure WP developers can’t have just removed such a useful process so it must be around here somewhere!

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    That will let you edit each image directly if you need to, though yes it WAS removed becuase you should never need to edit every image like that (your theme should be properly padding everything for everything).

    As for changing the source URL… I can see that being a problem, though most people really are just using the media library so they remove the image they don’t want and add the one they do. I imagine someone could write a plugin to restore that, though why aren’t you using the media library?

    The primary reason is that my site in its first few incarnations predated my WordPress install, and it was easy enough to paste the URL and change it up in previous versions. Reading a bit deeper into the support thread history I suppose I can also change the directory that WordPress thinks is its media library, but the posts that reference that are old (2012 and older).

    Is this still possible, to change the media upload directory such that WordPress just thinks my directory is its “Media Library”? Seems like that would be the cleanest option.

    That wouldn’t retroactively add them to the media library though :/

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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