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  • I am having a lot of trouble exporting my blog. I have 272 posts and the WXR export only gives me less than half. I have deleted all of the spam comments to see if that would help but I still can’t get it to export everything.

    Is anyone else having this problem?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated 🙂


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    How big is your database? It may just be timing out.

    The same thing just happened to me. I found out that hard way and lost 2 days worth of posts. I thought i was doing the right thing. I had done a full db backup just 2 days ago. So today when I knew that I needed to do maintenance I first did a WordPress export to xml. Well, when I re-imported it only had posts up to 2007!

    I see others in the forum have had this issue. This really needs to be fixed. Not cool that the backup does not work. From now on I will not rely at all on WP export.

    Hi there. Im facing the same problem. I tried to export and then import as Im moving to hew hosting, the result was terrible! More than half of the 2800 messages disappeared. So if anybody could help with this…

    I recognised same problem and therefore I would not rely on the XML backup generated with the Tools/Export command. I first used to test repeated Exports and compare their files-size. With a 110 post WordPress blog (+ about 200 kbp images) the xml file-size vbaried between 271kb up to 908kb. 908kb was generated 3 times (out of 15).
    When I opened the 908kb file (using WordPad, that shows it in a structured manner)just word or any other editor), I found that only those few ones had the correct </rss> tag at the end and also contained all posts.
    All the other XML files (with smaller file sizes) appeared to be truncated, contained only the earlier posts and did not had the </rss> tag at the end. This indicates to me that it is a problem appearing randomly during download of the XML-export file. Could indeed be that the transfer is timed out. I also recognised in the Download-Window, that the transfer rate dropped before transfer ended of the truncated files.

    I”d like to add to my recent post an important update: Just by chance, I was offered today a migration “to a new server platform”, when I logged into my web-hoster (STRATO). I agreed and after a single mouse-klick and virtually 4 seconds time the migration was confirmed by STRATO (sorry, hope nobody blames me for making advertisement for them: I”m sure there are many others and equally good hosters around).
    When I again used the Tools/Export command from my WP blog, the transfer was suddenly about 4 times faster. Before the transfer started with 16kb/s and continiously went down to 4kb/s before it stopped and produced the truncated XML-files mentioned in my post before. The total download time for the truncated files (ranging between ~ 200kb and ~900kb) was 1min 40sec.
    Now, it transfered a 992kb XML file (complete blog with all posts and with the final </rss> tag at the end) within 20 sec.

    So for now, the problem with truncated exports seem to be solved. I don”t know, however, what happens if in the future my blog export increases further to a couple of Mb. It might be, that even with this higher transfer rate I have now the same situation comes back as soon as the total download time exceeds 1min 40 secs.

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Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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