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  • Time and time again, I see people complaining about one particular thing with the WordPress dashboard. That’s the issue of categories being placed beneath the post area, rather than to the right as it used to be.

    I have to say, I completely agree. My blog has around 200 categories (yes, I know… but it’s just the way it is) and I have to constantly refer back to my posts to ensure that I assign all the correct categories to the post. Couple that with the shortness of the category selection box and it creates real problems. It requires excessive scrolling to the point that it’s, to be frank, utterly inconvenient.

    I see so many people are not happy with this particular issue – is it likely therefore that categories will return to the right hand margin? Or will someone perhaps come up with a plugin that allows dashboard customisation?

    Other pet-hates of mine include the size of the post area itself, and the way in which scheduled posts are now not only buried, but displayed in the opposite order to how they used to be displayed. (Bloggers want to see which of their scheduled posts are due to appear next, don’t they? If you have a lot of scheduled posts, you can’t readily see this anymore.)

    Sorry to moan… WP is great otherwise, but this first point is so clearly a biggie for a lot of bloggers that I’m surprised it doesn’t seem to be being addressed.


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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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