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  • @Moderators-
    I spend on an irregular basis quite a bit of time reading & answering posts in this forum, and occasionally write a post of my own (Like this one). I take that you as moderator probably spend more time on this forum than I do. I therefore assume that the following issues I write about have not gone unnoticed by you.

    The issue manifests itself in two areas:

    When you look at the posts that have the status “unresolved” that are several days old you will see that a majority have been resolved. An answer has been provided in the replies and the poster has either thanked the poster of the answer or has not listed a reply at all.
    I first was annoyed that the original poster didn’t change the status to “resolved”. However when I wanted to set my own posts to “resolved” I found that the option to do so was missing. In post by others I have also found the question: how do I close the post? This prompts me to believe this is a forum wide issue.

    On the profile page there are two columns; Recent Replies and Threads Started. Currently all the treads I started are in the Recent Replies column. This suggests that there is a property in this post that although I am the author of the post I don’t have the extra rights that make me owner of the post. Therefore I’m not able to change the status of the post.

    This issue cascades in several ways:
    People who are looking for an answer on this forum may find their issue in someone else’s post but may doubt if the answer was a solution if the post is still “unresolved” and/or the original poster hasn’t stated that it solved his/her problem. This can add unnecessary posts.

    Moderators and members why go out of their way to answer post, end up reading a lot of long posts which are resolved but haven’t been marked as such. The time waisted on this could have been used answering actual posts that aren’t resolved and could have had the status resolved by now.

    Also the Recent Replies column on the profile page is sorted by the date and time the user last replied to the post not to the date and time of the last reply anyone makes to the post. If someone replies to a post of mine that I replied 3 months ago it doesn’t move to the top on my profile page and slips by unnoticed because it is located somewhere on page 3.

    I don’t know what you Moderators can or cannot do, how many of you there are and if one of you actually administer this forum. But I suspect that some of you know and/or are in contact with the people who do. I hope at least one of you will report this issue to the administrators of this forum.

    I have already reported this under the “report a site bug” link but received no reply.

    Maybe one of the administrators could look at the user rights and resolve the problem so that users can change the status for their posts.

    If somehow the sorting of the posts could be set like they are on the category pages it would help when older posts are replied to, that they don’t go by unnoticed.

    It would maybe be an idea to have a third column in the user profiles to separate the unresolved posts and the resolved posts. (or a sorting option)

    I’d love to hear a response from you moderators, what your views are on these issue.

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  • Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    If your post is a support question (when you make a new post, you get that option), then the resolved/unresolved setting is on the right side of the post, under the “About this Topic” section. Just adjust it and hit the “Change” button.

    If you don’t mark the post as a support question, then it has no resolved/unresolved status marker and you can’t change it.

    Also, reporting bugs with the forum itself gets the quickest response if you post the problem to the wp-forums mailing list:

    My bad, I just realized that only the posts in the Miscellaneous and Requests and Feedback categories don’t supply you with that option. Can these post be set to resolved by moderators or is that not an issue?

    What about the profile page column thing (no posts of mine in Threads Started column)? When does/should it appear in the Threads Started column?
    And the post sort on the profile page?

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    Don’t think it’s an issue for those two specific forums.

    The Threads Started thing is known, but no word on whether it will be fixed or not.

    Nobody’s asked about the profile thing before that I know of.

    The moderators don’t really have any greater access to the site itself. We just can deal with spam, make stickys, close threads, that sort of thing. Actual software editing is in the purview of the WordPress core team.

    Okay thanks,

    Kan you close this post?

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