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  • Resolved Robert Chapin


    I have a concern about uploading images.

    Let’s say I have a “medium” size setting of 300 x 300.

    Then, let’s say I upload an image that’s 540 x 465.

    Next, I add the “medium” size image to a post.

    The problem: WP Retina 2x selects the 300 x 258 image even on Retina devices, and it kinda looks like hell. 🙂

    Is it best for me to manually copy the full size image to the 300×258@2x location?

    Could you come up with something that is a little bit easier, even if I have to find a button somewhere to make a copy?

    This becomes necessary in some situations where the original image is the best quality and less than 600 px wide.

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  • Plugin Author Jordy Meow


    Hello Robert,

    You have a issue here, if you want a retina version of an image that is originally 300×300, that will be 600×600 for retina. You have to upload an 600×600 (minimum) image instead of the 540×465 you’re uploading. If you do that, of course the plugin will not be able to create a retina version of the image…

    I’m not sure why you are talking about making a copy and all that, the plugin is extremely simple to use, you have nothing to care about EXCEPT uploading an original picture that is big enough.

    Jordy, please try to understand. It is not possible to create a 600×600 upload when the original and best quality image is only 540×465. In this case, your plugin is selecting the WRONG retina image file at only 300×258 resolution.

    In other words, your plugin is making the image quality WORSE than if I simply upload a a 540×465 image and set the width to 300px.

    Plugin Author Jordy Meow


    I understand but then, why not using the 540×465 (full-size) directly?

    Perhaps example links will help.

    In the above article, the first image has the 540×465 dimensions. It looks nice on iPad now, but only because I made a copy of the image and manually renamed it with -300×258@2x.gif.

    In that next example, if you scroll down to “Step 3” in the article, the image dimensions are 314×480. Your plugin wants to display only 196×300 on the iPad, which looks blurry. To resolve this, I had to manually copy the original file to a -196×300@2x.jpg name to get it to display in full resolution.

    I have several other examples on my site. Needless to say, any time I upload an image whose largest dimension is between 300 and 600 px, and then insert the Medium size thumbnail, I get the same low resolution on my iPad as I would on my desktop computer.

    Plugin Author Jordy Meow


    Mmm, I got it. But again, same question, why not using the full-size image directly, since your base image in anyway too small to be fully retina?

    The plugin could use the full-size image for retina when it doesn’t have better, but I prefer to use nothing at all and to have a warning somewhere (like in the Retina Screen).

    If I was going to use the full-size image directly, then your plugin would serve no purpose at all.

    Plugin Author Jordy Meow


    Depending on the case, it’s sometimes better to avoid using a plugin or scripts and just to use the full-size image directly. There is almost no differences in size with yours so yeah, it could be alright! Even if you would use the plugin in your case, you aren’t using its full potential at all, so yes, I think you’d better use the full size 😉

    Okay, that’s really not helpful. I’ll have to hack the plugin to make it do what I need.

    Plugin Author Jordy Meow


    Haha, you’re on the grumpy side, aren’t you…

    Please hack the plugin if you need but I really think you’re misusing it (or WordPress?) from the start. That’s why I cannot help you, the plugin cannot help you, only you can help yourself but you have to do it right, either all left or all right. Right now it seems to be that you’re just trying to dighacking in the middle 😉 What you said before still doesn’t make any sense to me neither (really, why are you trying to insert this “Medium Size” thumbnail so much, even though you cannot have a real retina image for that one? that’s a mystery).

    But let me/us know what you did finally.

    Yes, I am misusing WordPress by inserting thumbnails. Good to know, thanks.

    Plugin Author Jordy Meow


    And grumpy 😉

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