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  • Hey there…

    Im having majour display problems in my admin! Im pretty sure its not plugins causing it, its only the plugins helping me to see it!!

    Im using a few plugins to add cms like functionality, 2 of wich is microkids related posts, and more fields…

    When ever more than 3 extra boxes is added in the post write area( where you write the posts, lol) the 4th one is thrown to the top and covers all the information of the write page. If you minimize the box by clicking on it it shows all the write information except for the title of the post/write page…

    If I hide any of the other 3 boxes or all via the screen options, then the 4th one still covers the information… only if I remove a box completely so that theres only 3 does everything display normal.

    Whats going on? Please help!

    Is there a limit to how many boxes you can add to a post in the admin?
    Does anyone else encounter this problem?
    Where can I start to fix this?

    I really need this problem solved as it could result in a loss of income(which is not your problem), but if you know a solution or reason please please help!!


    The site is not live, so I cant post a link, plus its in the admin, so I couldnt grant you acces even if it was….

    Thanx soooooooooo much to anyone that helps!!!

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  • If you deactivate the plugins do you see the same problem when writing a Post?

    If you continue this thread you may want to provide links to the plugins you are using.

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