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  • I’ve made a wordpress website for a good friend of mine. He’s a cardealer and wants to add a post everytime he has a new car for sale. Every time when he uploads a photo larger than 2MB, wordpress crops the photo down to 0 kb in the image gallery. Which means the photo is useless.

    The current situation is that every time when he has a new car for sale, I have to make the photos smaller for him in photoshop since he is a computer no-no… Which sucks.

    A while ago I’ve made a wordpress site for an other friend as well, with version 2.8 and he doesn’t have this problem. I’ve upgraded the cardealer site from version 2.9 to the latest 2.9.2 version but the bug is still there. I’ve search for 2.9 bugs on this site and surpisingly this bug isn’t mentioned at all.

    How to solve? Does somebody know a solution to get rid of this bug or should I downgrade the site to version 2.8?

    Thanks in advance,

    Nick Willems

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  • If I am understanding the question correctly, the file being uploaded is the wrong size and there is an expectation that WordPress will resize it the same way Photoshop does. May I suggest that a better expectation would be changing the camera settings so that the image files are closer to what is actually needed.

    Yes I have already suggested this to him.
    But it should be possible to simply upload any size photo you want, right? Especially knowing that this wasn’t an issue with previous WordPress releases.
    It frustrates me and I really can’t believe that I am the only one struggling this issue.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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