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  • I am currently running two sites with and the current versions of MainWP and MainWP child. All on the same server. Whenever MainWP master syncs with these child sites it disables the shipping method in the store, which is obviously undesirable. What might be causing this? When MainWP makes a call to a child site what does it trigger within the child plugin? Is this a known bug and can it be resolved through MainWP update?

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    It’s not something I’ve seen before and syncing shouldn’t be disabling anything. I would recommend opening a ticket (Use pre-sales if you don’t have an account) so we can look into it deeper for you.

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    I had the Development team take a look at this and we were able to see the conflict at this code: isset( $_POST[‘server’] );

    in the function

    public static function is_active() {
    return ( (bool) get_option( ‘shipwire’ ) && function_exists( ‘simplexml_load_string’ ) ) || isset( $_POST[‘server’] );

    call from this code

    if ( WPSC_Shipwire::is_active() ) {
    if ( ! in_array( ‘shipwire’, ( array ) get_option( ‘custom_shipping_options’, array() ) ) )
    update_option( ‘custom_shipping_options’, array( ‘shipwire’ ) );

    $wpsc_shipwire = new WPSC_Shipwire_Shipping();
    $wpsc_shipping_modules[$wpsc_shipwire->getInternalName()] = $wpsc_shipwire;

    If there is a parameter named ‘server’ in the request then the code of the plugin will reset the value of the setting ‘custom_shipping_options’ to value ‘shipwire’ so it clears the saved values

    This should be fixed in the WP ECommerce code because there maybe other requests from other plugins with parameter named ‘server’ that will reset that ‘server’ valuable.

    They can change that conditional to something special like as ‘wpsc_server’ … or something like that and no other plugin will conflict with it.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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