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  • Good morning everyone!

    I’ve been using the Maintenance mode plugin for years now, and until a few weeks I never had problems. I regularly update my plugins, and this plugin is no exception: I’m using 3.2 version with a 2.5.1 WordPress.

    The Maintenance mode plugin causes serveral problems.

    Problems with the image upload tool
    I’m using WordPress’ core image uploader tool:

    click to see pic

    Whenever I clic this and try to upload a picture from my computer to my server, the upload progresses fine, until I get this: click to see pic

    I cannot see the picture I’ve just uploaded. When I clic on the “Save all changes” button located at the bottom of the upload window, nothing happens.

    When I double check and clic on the “Media library” tab, I cannot see the picture I’ve just uploaded.

    In a nutshell: the Maintenance mode plugin is preventing me from uploading any picture to WordPress! :-/ How lame is that?!

    I thought about possible solution, which would be to deactivate this plugin, and use a raw htaccess protection in order to prevent people to access my website without correct login/password.

    But I think it’s a poor solution, because everytime anyone will try to access my website, they’ll be prompted to type a login/password, and it just sucks! I really enjoy having a Maintenance mode page opening instead of a Javascript pop-up login window.

    Moreover, I’ve experienced problems caused to the Maintenance mode plugin with Custom fields, too. I simultaneously use the Role manager plugin. One of these roles allows the writer to write an article, edit it, but not see it on the site, since it is on maintenance and I do not want people, even writers, to see how it looks while I modifiy it and set it right.

    While I forbid writers to view the site while it is on maintenance, everytime they tried to add a custom field, they kind of saw the default Maintenance mode page below the custom field inputs!… (Yes, it sounds crazy, but it was the case.)

    At first I thought it was caused to the customizations I brought to the default Maintenance mode page, so I reinstalled the basic Maintenance mode plugin, without any CSS nor code change. But the custom field problems still existed.

    In the end, I simply allowed writers, through the Role manager plugin, to view the site as well. Now they can type custom fields without any problem, but I’m unsatisfied that they can see the site which is being revamped and still unfinished…

    I’m surprised I didn’t find any other topic related to that kind of problems. I beg your help, uploading pictures is a core functionality, and I can’t see what’s wrong with the Maintenance mode plugin to prevent me from using it.

    Thank you so much in advance for your help and tips!

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