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  • Greetings all. I work for a non-profit that has about 700 branches across the world. We’re looking at using the Elegant Themes theme “Explorable” (located here) to create an interactive map of our branches.

    We maintain the information for each of our branches in a database that can be queried via SQL, and I’m thinking that instead of independently maintaining each of what would be 700+ entries anytime something changes, we could handle it via the database.

    Basically what I’m interesting in learning (as I’m a front-end kind of guy, not a back end kind of guy) is if it would be possible to basically query and export a spreadsheet of data from the database, then use that data to form the post information on WordPress.

    Anyone have experience with this? Any tips or tutorials you could provide?

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  • Yes, this is certainly possible. You are right, it’d be a struggle maintaining it in two places, especially at that size.

    You have two options, you can export from your existing database and create a custom labelled CSV file containing your database info. You’d have to map column names to fields, i.e. post_title and post_content and so on. Then you use the WordPress Importer plugin to import your CSV as posts into WP. This option would of course need you to export from database #1, convert to WP importable CSV, and import into WP every time you want to update both in both places.

    Second, preferable option would be to connect directly to database #1 from your WP installation. Then you can change the Explorable themes query of the WP database to simply PHP loop through data from your original database.

    Email me if you need assistance with this,

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