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Maintain Mouse Over Effect on Navigation

  • Lovely plugin, there are just a few things that I would like to develop further. I have implemented the slideshow with the mouse over show description box. However the description box initiates the hide animation when the cursor is hovering over the navigation and pagination button. Is there an easy way to stop this from happening and maintain the button functionality? I have scripting knowledge but I was wondering if you had any thoughts to this problem. Also as a side note a fade effect on the pagination and navigation would be nice. My website is http://www.esfdev.co.uk/ Thanks and keep up the good work


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  • Update: I have placed the coding for pagination and navigation in the frontend-attachment.php file just after the image in the anchorTagAttributes. This has resolved the issue of the hiding of the description box however it has now broke the pause when hover over image function. When a new slide loads it needs to determine if the cursor is still on the image. Also the slideshow_currentView class assigned to the pagination no longer works once it has been clicked.

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