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  • i’m using wp as a simple cms, interested in being able to copy formatted html into the write panels on page templates and be able to retain the formatting when i go back to edit html… is this doable?

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  • did this make sense to anyone?

    i guess to clarify, when i switch from html editor to visual editor and back, all of the formatting in the html is gone.

    yup, that’s how it works.

    You can’t switch between html and visual unfortunately

    that. sucks. what do people do to work around that?

    just use html view on those pages I guess. don’t switch

    I’m not sure if any of the advanced editor plugins are different

    tiny mce advanced for instance

    i had wanted to use WP as a simple CMS and just have 1 page template with big chunks of html just pasted in the editor so that the client can edit content but i dont want to lose all the html formatting. it seems as though there is no way around this?

    well, is the html something the client needs to edit?

    If not, I would think you could use a page template.

    Include all the html in thetemplate, and just call the loop where it should be editable

    page templates are in the codex if you wanna take a look

    yes, and no… basically, it would be the most logical to have some big chunks of html in the edit panel BUT i don’t want to completely lose the formatting. i tried tiny mce advanced, didn’t seem to help any. oh well, guess back to the drawing board. maybe wordpress isn’t the right tool for the job i don’t know.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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