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  • Sometimes my clients need to reposition the thumbnail to show the subject of the photo which isn’t always center.

    So I use Edit Image > Crop > Apply changes to thumbnail > Save but we have to enter the resolution/ratio every time, then shift+drag a corner, or else the thumbnail will generate to the ratio of my crop selection: different than my ratio set in media > thumbnail size by few pixels. (& in settings media, thumbnails “Crop to exact dimensions” is checked)

    is there anyway to either a) get the focused/selected crop to adjust itself to my thumbnail ratio on crop > save, or b) a way to “lock” the ratio to the thumbnail ratio when “apply changes to Thumbnail” is selected ??

    (I know it’s not a big deal to enter the resolution while cropping, but my client thinks it is because the resolutions and ratios are usually weird and hard to remember like 87:153)

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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