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  • Hello,

    1) Through members area, I have added my Main Widgets such as : Search, recent Posts, Recent Comments , Categories, Archievs , Meta, but they do not appear on the right side panwl of actual Blog . What are the reasons ?

    and How to get them on the right side of Widget panel of Blog ?

    2) I have created , secondary Widgets such as :: RSS, Search, Pages ..But these Widgetsa also do not appear on right side panel of actual Blog of Secondary widgets //How to get them there ?

    3) What is RSS URL.” Please give example .. What it stands for and what are its benefits to us . I am ignorant about this RSS .

    4) How to change the DARK coloured background at the bottom of “HELLO WORLD” Page ?? Because, the Text on this dark background is NOT VISIBLE to the visitors .

    5) How to delete the one of the Customised Pages link which has been accidently created in the “HELLO WORLD ” page ?

    Please help me soon.



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Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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