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    After upgrading to 3.1.1, the categories of our sub-directory sites in the Network are displaying the category list of the main (ID=1) site. On the front end, the published posts are fine, and show each site’s unique set of categories, but on the backend for each site, the categories are incorrect.

    For example, this post: has the category “history,” but if we edit that post, it switches to the default category of the main site (“summer camp”).

    So the front end seems to be working fine, but the backend is confused between sites in the network.

    Ideas where I can look? There don’t seem to be any site errors.


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  • Are you using any category managment plugins?

    Yes, these, but I have deactivated them, with no change.

    wp-category meta (1.2.4)
    WP No Category Base (1.0)

    I also was using w3 total cache, disabled that too… no change.

    Using anything like sitewide tags?

    No, but I activated sitewide tags a few months ago and deactivated it a day or two later. Could there be something left over in the database?

    Hmm… just noticed that the same thing is happening with post tags.

    Post tags?

    (I pinged someone else about this. My only guess would be that somehow you have tags criss-crossed in your database via a plugin.)

    Disable *all* your plugins – even ones that don’t seem likely, and include any in the mu-plugins, if you’re using that.

    Yes, I’m finding all kinds of strange criss-crossing, again only in the back end… On the sub (-directory) sites, the category links display the correct url but resolve to a 404.

    Recent comments displayed in the dashboard also wrong site.

    I’ll investigate additional plugins being the cause.

    Another clue: category permalinks are displayed nice and pretty but resolve to a 404. While, tag permalinks are the correct url and resolve correctly.

    Both tags and categories listed in the backend are of the wrong site.

    Found the culprit! It was a buddypress plugin that should not have been activated for the whole Network. For our site, BuddyPress is only installed on one site, so this plugin caused trouble for the other sites without BP. The plugin is BP-Registration-Options. It works fine on the main BP site, just not when Network Activated.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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