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    This is so weird I don’t even know what to search for, so excuse me if this has been asked over and over. Though I don’t really think so.

    I’m running a WP 3.2.1 multisite network with two Comicpress blogs, one in the main directory ( and one in a subdirectory ( Earlier today, while I was doing what I recall was pretty standard stuff on my main site and in the network admin area, both the site and the admin (including the network admin) stopped loading. No reloads, no opening of pages, not even an error message. Just minutes and minutes of loading and waiting for the site to respond, and when it’s finally ready to give up, the browser just stays at whatever page I came from.

    The standard stuff i was doing:
    – Moving some widgets to and fro like I’ve done a hundred times;
    – upgraded a couple of plugins. (I don’t exactly recall which ones I had finished upgrading by the time the thing broke down; I do believe Contact Form 7 was one, as well as one of the Flattr plugins, AddToAny and maybe Wickett Twitter widget and one or two others).

    Assuming it’s one of the plugins, I renamed the plugins folder and replaced all the plugins with older versions. I also downloaded a clean WP 3.2.1. and replaced all the admin files. Didn’t help. Strangely, the .htaccess file doesn’t seem to load either – I added a 408 (time out) rdirect, but the loading routine didn’t seem to get to that point.

    Now the strange thing is: While I can’t load any of my main site, nor the network admin, the subdirectory site /eng/ works perfectly fine. Including, as far as I can see, the plugins. Front and back end.

    I’m pretty much out of ideas at this point, so I’d really appreciate any pointer.

    Thanks in advance!

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  • MaxVaehling


    This is even weirder: while checking the links in the post above, the site suddenly appeared again. After three hours of relaoding to no effect at all.

    I have no idea what happened or why it stopped happening, but for now, never mind. I’d delete the thread, but i don’t know how. I changed the status to “resolved” instead, though it hasn’t exactly been solved, just stopped.

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